Yoga Books- Mantra Yoga

Yoga Books- Mantra Yoga

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Yoga is well known to the majority of the population, and a good percentage of them are also actively teaching and practicing yoga. Mantra and chanting of mantra is also gaining more acceptance among the population all over the world, especially amongst yoga teachers. Both yoga and mantra chanting are proving themselves as contemporary and both are gaining more and more ardent followers.

Each one of them is getting established amongst its practitioners as an independent discipline. The link between these two is not well recognized. In fact, there is no link, both are inseparable. Truly speaking they are not two entities but one and the same. Yoga gets completion only when mantra chanting is combined. In the same way, mantra chanting is possible only from the standpoint of yoga. It is not yoga and mantra; it is mantra yoga.

Mantra chanting acts exactly like a catalyst. It enhances the process of yoga from prāṇāyāma to dhyāna and without undergoing any change, it just drops off before samādhi. In the process, it makes the entire journey simple, enjoyable, more complete and empowering, and the process more potent so as to reach the goal.

This book explains the classical meaning of mantra and how it acts as a catalyst in achieving the goal in yoga. It also illustrates how mantra can be applied in the practice of āsana, prāṇāyāma, and dhāraṇā as a modification to enable the practitioner to achieve the desired benefits.

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