Our traditions, culture and the associated arts are still kept alive in the current context of the fast paced life - Thanks to our people who religiously follow the customary practices, festivals for generations! The means of keeping our traditional arts, weaves and crafts alive is by passing the techniques through formal and informal trainings, practices, inscriptions etc.

A child spends almost 85% of his schooling days on education-related activities to stay top-notch in  his/her academic career. If you are a parent who has seen your son or daughter exasperated running between tutorials and classes and want to give him/her a break, or have actually seen an artist in your child than an Einstein, or are a person who has a keen insight to arts and crafts and have long wondered how our craftsmen and weavers etch or weave magic from their hands, Wait no longer...Kairaasi presents to you the opportunity to explore training workshops on authentic Indian arts, crafts and weaves, right from the expert hands of our local craftsmen and weavers.  

If you witness for yourself what it takes to make a simple wooden craft or weave a small pattern on a piece of cloth, you will simply be amazed by the skill and creativity of our artists. An age where gaming, surfing, robotics and AI are making waves, we bet this experience will be one of a life time as you will author your art work, create something magical right out of your own hands. 

Our craftsmen from different parts of India will show, exhibit and train you to learn the basics of the art. These courses will stir up curiosity, imagination and creativity in you and your kids alike. With diminishing art and weaves of India, Kairaasi is proud to renew these skills to all those aspiring people and help everybody learn this art and connect with dexterous artist and weavers across India like never before.

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