The Company

Kairaasi Exports Chennai

Kairaasi Exports (OPC) Private Limited is a private start-up company based in Chennai and was incorporated on the 9th of June 2016. The company came into existence as a part of the ‘Kairaasi Project’ initiated by individual art lovers, from UK and India. The Kairaasi project aims at the preservation of traditional Indian arts and we act as a bridge between traditional Indian craftspeople and the rest of the world.

Across Kashmir to Kanyakumari in India, there are a wide variety of traditional arts and crafts, very popular among previous generations but now relatively unknown to modern society. Our intent is to support these craftspeople (women make up a large percentage of the artisan population. Often providing informal unpaid labor helping their husbands, brothers or fathers by doing such work as filling thread spools or weaving in between doing the housework and childcare) to nourish and popularize their work across the globe. There are fewer and fewer artisans in India because many have given up the family craft tradition to escape a life of poverty. They are actively discouraging their children and grandchildren from following in their footsteps. One of the aims of kairaasi is to bring dignity and a higher status along with better pay and conditions to these highly talented artisans. Through that we hope to encourage some of the next generation to learn the crafts.

The company is registered with Registrar of Companies, Chennai as a non-govt company and has an authorized share capital of ₹500,000 and paid up capital of ₹100,000 (~ USD 1400/-). We focus mainly on Exporting Indian Handmade Items & Handicrafts and popularizing Indian crafts across the world. We develop a collaborative relationship with the artisans and buy directly from them at their asking price. Our prime intention is to enable the artisans to access the global market through Kairaasi.

The products the artisans across India make for us they send to Chennai where our team check for quality and order fulfillment, package and store them ready to be sold to individual customers or to ethical buyers like Kairaasi Imports (UK), which is our current client. Currently we have 10 employees working with us of which three are in full-time work while the other seven work for us on demand. Kairaasi Imports (UK) provides us all the technical support we need and helps us to source the products.

Our company is always looking forward to meeting and building a good rapport with like-minded individuals who share our vision. This can be people from all backgrounds who can support our cause including CA's, Lawyers, Shipping Partners, Marketing and Social Media Specialists, Website Designers and Creative thinkers.