Export services

Exporting goods from one country to another is a complex process that involves many export process, procedures, customs clearance and documentation work especially if it is handmade crafts. 

Kairaasi has a history of exporting handmade crafts, artworks and weaves of our Indian artisans, weavers and craftsmen to UK & other countries since 2012. With over 7 years of experience  and error-free traceable delivery, we have been spreading enchanting Indian artwork across the globe. We as an Export Company have in-house export system which we are offering as Export-Import business Service to those who need it. 

Those whom we can help export Indian Crafts or weaves globally are:

Individual Artisans, Weavers, Craftsmen who want to send their art work to their global customers
Organizations / Institutions who want to send handicrafts or books to their onshore branches
International Travelers/NRIs who have liked art works and would like to carry it back home
Individuals who want to send handmade items or books from India to their friends, family or business abroad. 

     Leave us to deal with the export registrations, customs procedures and all related paperwork. We  have experts to handle this for you and we ensure your goods are delivered to you right at your location, absolutely hassle-free. What more, we do it in a lowest possible price that you can ever imagine! 

    Once you make your buy anywhere within India, simply let us know about it by filling up request for export form and just wait for your piece of art to arrive right at your doorstep anywhere in the world.

    We also have an online shop that you can visit for a wide range of handmade products including toys, pencils, shawls, wooden crafts, jute runners, handbags, yoga books, etc.

    We take pride in doing this service to spread the magical work of our Indian weavers and Artisans in International markets and also help you enjoy the beautiful art pieces at your own home! 

    Contact us by submitting the Export Service Request form (or) email us to exports@kairaasi.com and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours: