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Art Reflect life

Since Primitive age, humans used art to express their ideas, thoughts and communicate with each other. They left their imprints through art forms which included painting, sculptures and carvings. Deciphering these art forms, helps us better understand their lives including their ways of hunting, tools used, animals, social lives including dance, music, social gatherings etc. As men settled over the years, the art forms also began to flourish. The painting became bolder with the usage of better colours, strokes and sculpting/carving became finer with better and sharper tools. The invention of the wheel gave birth to Pottery. The relics and remains of Harappan pots give us insights into the wares they used, cooked and stored. The recently discovered Keezhadi, an...

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Rhythm of Weaving

Every weaver weaves a magical story through their threads of cotton, wool, silk or other fibres in his/her loom. The fibres are spooled to make yarn or thread which are woven together to make a beautiful fabric. The art of weaving finds its place since Harappa civilization and have their mention in Vedic culture of India too. With such a long history, weaving is still one of the biggest occupations in India and this goes to show the weaving traditions have been carefully preserved for thousands of years. What is weaving? Technically weaving is the process of the intertwining of two independent threads of yarn at right angles, with one placed vertical (warp - called பாவு in Tamil), and another...

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