Welcome to Kairaasi

Welcome to Kairaasi

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The word ‘KAIRAASI’ * has the meaning ‘GIFTS OF HANDS’, which aptly suites our hand loom fabrics and hand made crafts. We are striving to continue touching the lives of the amazingly gifted Indian craftswomen and men and to offer them hope, confidence and above all an exposure to the global market by creating a Platform and a Brand.

*Kairaasi - கைராாசி is a word from the Tamil language used to recommend a person who has the magical healing touch, whose special hands can bestow happiness and good luck.

Our Own Brand

For several years, we have been collecting and promoting high-quality hand loom cloth and hand made crafts from highly skilled weavers, artisans or co-operative societies across India, some of whom have become reliable partners over time. (However, it often proved simply impossible to get our customers everything they wanted (the same design, quality). So Kairaasi has very recently decided to develop its own, flexible product range in order to preserve the interest and to encourage next generations the beautiful arts and the ever rich traditions).

Kairaasi stands for the supply of highest quality, eco-friendly and stylish, handmade designed products. Our comprehensive works begin with knowing our customers and understanding their needs then an intensive collaboration with our artisans and encouraging customers. (We develop the products in our own facilities / manufactures at home / facilities of artisans / co-operative societies, with Kairaasi being responsible for the final result).

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